Contagious: Why Things Catch On

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By: Jonah Berger

If you want to know how word of mouth can make products catch on, then Contagious is the book for you. In it are many fascinating facts about what makes something go viral and what kind of steps can be taken in order to do so oneself.

Berger uses extensive research on word of mouth to outline why some products are more successful than others and how any product can be made viral.

Contagious is full of information about how word-of-mouth works, why some products become viral while others don’t and what steps one can take to make their product catch on. It offers fascinating insight into online vs offline marketing strategies as well as unexpected insights into human behavior such as how talkative personalities drive consumption habits more than introverts do.

Why do certain products and ideas go viral? Dynamic young Wharton professor Jonah Berger draws on his research to explain the six steps that make products or ideas contagious.

Why do some products get more word of mouth than others? Why does some online content go viral? Word of mouth makes products, ideas, and behaviors catch on. It’s more influential than advertising and far more effective.

Can you create word of mouth for your product or idea? According to Berger, you can. Whether you operate a neighborhood restaurant, a corporation with hundreds of employees, or are running for a local office for the first time, the steps that can help your product or idea become viral are the same.

Contagious is filled with fascinating information drawn from Berger’s research. You will be surprised to learn, for example, just how little word of mouth is generated online versus elsewhere. Already praised by Dan Ariely and Dan Gilbert, and sold in nine countries, this book is a must-listen for people who want their projects and ideas to succeed.

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Contagious: Why Things Catch On

By: Jonah Berger

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