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One place many people forget to take the time to invest in is their own education. Educating oneself can come in all sorts of forms. Whether it’s through formal schooling or self-education through reading, attending seminars or listening to podcasts – there are endless ways one could fill their head with knowledge. You don’t have to attend classes anymore either! Classes nowadays are being broadcasted online for anyone to take advantage of at any time. And best of all, most of these services are completely free which makes education no longer an impossible task.

So many people dislike school, that once they are out, they decide their education is over and they are done learning. While a degree can certainly be handy (it helps with finding jobs), it’s a shame to let your education stop there, you should always continue to learn. If you’re looking for a little inspiration (or motivation), check out some of our favorite books in our Small Business Development Library! A $30 book could give you so much more if applied all throughout the course of your lifetime.

It is always important to continuously educate oneself in every facet possible since the knowledge gained can save lives, provide opportunities and shape one’s future success. Always remember to invest in yourself and never stop learning – you’ll only regret it later on when life isn’t as fresh anymore…

I’ll gradually continue adding in my favorite titles as well as write my personal thoughts on each, so be sure to check back occasionally for updates!

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