Zombie Slayer

This new Zombie Slayer game is here to help you enjoy extreme gaming action in a fun, challenging and deadly zombie attack game. Hordes of zombies are coming at you from every direction and you must act as quickly as you can to kill as many zombies as possible.

Tap Fast and Kill All Zombies

Fast tapping and accurate aim will help you a lot in surviving as long as possible. The zombie slayer game is designed to test your quick reflexes and accuracy to kill the zombies. Locate the zombies in all different directions and tap to shoot, but be sure to work on your accuracy!

Scary Zombie Horde Attack

This game is scarier than you think! Beware as the scary zombie attack is sure to give you the creeps. For best gaming feel, choose an open dark area and play the game. We bet you this game will scare the life out of you!

Pick Your Avatar and Enter Name

You can pick avatar from different countries and play with them. You can also choose your player name. Allow camera access to trace the game play and target zombies for killing. Collect Points and Increase Accuracy after multiple levels.

How to play Zombie Slayer Survival Shooter:

* Download and launch the zombie slayer game in your device

* Enter your name and pick a zombie killer avatar from different countries

* Enable your camera access to trace the zombie attack from the horde

* Target the zombies and tap on the screen to kill all zombies

* Kill the zombies in 360-degrees direction to increase your accuracy

* Play in an open area for best accuracy, smooth game play and more thrill

* Get points and kill all zombies before they kill you

Features of Zombie Slayer Survival Shooter:

* Simple and easy zombie killer games UI/UX

* Appealing, realistic zombie horde killing game with great graphics

* Challenging shooting game offering zombie attack from all sides

* 360-Degrees camera access and tracing of the zombies attacking you

* Tap on the shooter button to create a shower of bullets and kill all zombies

* Use your best aim and shoot skills to annihilate the zombie attack

* Do not let the zombies attack you or touch you otherwise you will lose life

* Limited life meter given for every level, use it wisely and carefully

* Get points for killing as many zombies as you can in a single go

* View your game score and remaining life from the game screen

* Interactive sound effects and scary vibes to keep you engaged for hours

* Choose your shooter from a collection of killers from different regions

* Enter your player name and view your stats such as aim accuracy and best score from the stats section

Are you ready to play one of the most thrilling and deadly zombie slayer games available online? The new Zombie Slayer Survival Shooter is here for you. Download and play it to annihilate the zombie horde attack today!

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