Peyton Kaak - Super 5 K Warrior Kids Run

Stripes of a Warrior – Super Warrior 5K

I had the most incredible weekend running the Super Warrior 5k race hosted by Stripes of a Warrior and cheering on my daughter Peyton as she ran her very first 1k race! It was such an incredible moment to watch her complete the race with a big smile on her face and to know how proud of herself she was.

When I signed up for the Super Warrior 5k, I was expecting a challenging race but nothing prepared me for the sense of accomplishment and joy I felt being back out there running. I’ve run the distance many times but to have finally made it out there and run at an actual after months of training was such an amazing feeling! It’s always an amazing environment being at an event like this. But what made this experience even more special is that my daughter Peyton also got to join in on the fun and ran her first ever 1k race.

super warrior 5k

It had been a few weeks since we’d talked about it and prepared for this moment. We’d run a couple practice runs and had done some stretching and mental preparing leading up to today, so when she crossed the finish line it felt like all the hard work paid off.

The race itself wasn’t easy – but that didn’t stop Peyton from pushing through and finishing with an amazing time. I was so proud of her perseverance throughout the entire course and at the finish line when she ran across with pride, not wanting to miss a single second of celebration!

Peyton absolutely crushed it out there! She completed the 1k race with enthusiasm and energy – pushing through all the way to the end. To top it off, she placed second in her age group 😉 – a fantastic achievement that made me incredibly proud of her! 

Kids run super warrior 5k

It’s been incredible to watch Peyton practice for the Super Warrior 5K and work hard to prepare herself. As someone who enjoys running, I couldn’t help but feel proud watching her run – it reminded me of all the miles I have run over the years. As a parent, there’s nothing like watching your children take part in something they are passionate about and seeing them find success and joy in their endeavors.

It’s always special moments like these that remind me of just how lucky I am to have such an awesome little girl as part of my life. Seeing her accomplish something she set out to do with determination makes me proud in more ways than one. 

She’s growing up so fast. As a father, I can honestly say there’s nothing quite like seeing your own daughter excel in something they’ve put their heart into, no matter how big or small it may be. 

Overall, running in the Stripes off a Warrior Super Warrior 5K was such an amazing experience – both for me as well as Peyton. We were both able to accomplish something we have been working hard at for some time now – and it feels so rewarding! To see my daughter achieve success in something she loves doing is truly an amazing feeling. I’m excited for what comes next for us in our running journey together!

I’m sure this won’t be the last 1k she runs – or even the last 5k I take part in with her – but this is one race that will always remain close to our hearts! Congratulations to my brave little girl, Peyton! You made us all proud today!

Trevor Kaak - Super Warrior 5K Finisher Certificate
Trevor Kaak
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